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Porsche Centre Leicester - putting safety first


Porsche Centre Leicester is delighted to announce our sponsorship of Warning Zone, Leicester’s interactive education centre for young people.

Launched in 2006, the centre brings together information and expertise from across the public and private sectors and combines vital messages in a single stimulating and memorable experience, which helps prepare youngsters for increased independence and their transition into early adolescence.  The core programme aims to foster an understanding of risk, consequence of actions, peer pressure and personal responsibility.

The centre is located on Frog Island and houses 8 set-piece scenarios which incorporate realistic settings, interactive equipment and special effects:

  • Building sites/Electricity
  • Risks on the road
  • Alcohol and under-age drinking
  • Risk around water
  • Criminal damage and arson
  • Fire risk at home
  • Risks around railway lines
  • Personal safety

Learning is ‘hands-on’ and is designed to teach children valuable lessons in a fun and enjoyable way.

At Porsche Centre Leicester we take safety on the roads very seriously and are looking forward to working closely with Warning Zone in their Risks on the road area, to help ensure that the young people of Leicester are equipped with all the knowledge and awareness they need to use our roads safely.

For more information on the charity please visit www.warningzone.org.uk .