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All-electric Macan range

The New all-electric Macan range


The new Macan Turbo electric

Genuine Porsche DNA combines with impressive e-performance. The all-electric Macan Turbo features a digital cockpit, an interactive infotainment experience and a wide range of customisation options from Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. Completely redesigned, the Macan features a lower turbo-specific front end, coupé flyline and active aerodynamics. Turbonite exterior touches take the premium design to a new level and emphasise the model's timeless appeal. 800-V architecture provides the perfect symbiosis of range, charging time and limitless driving pleasure. Always iconic, now all-electric. 

The new Macan 4 electric 

The Macan has always represented usable performance. Taking this ethos further than ever before, the Macan 4 electric features an advanced all-wheel-drive system and floor mounted battery, lowering the centre of gravity by 140mm for optimal cornering performance. A powerful 100-kWh battery allows for 70% charge in as little as 21 minutes, keeping you on the road for longer.

A lowered seat position and 12.6-inch curved display place focus on the driver for an optimised and highly customisable driving experience. For journeys together, the Macan 4 electric has enough space for all thanks to front and rear luggage compartments and increased rear headroom.

For further information about the new all-electric Macan, please contact us at  info@porscheleicester.co.uk.