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'40 years at the front'
Porsche 968 Club Sport

Restoration Competition 2016

Porsche 968 Club Sport

Porsche 968 Sport Classic

'40 years at the front'

For the 2014 Porsche Restoraction Competition, Porsche Centre Leicester completed the highly intricate, full restoration of a 1986 911 3.2 Turbo Bodied Targa. Together with our recommended body repairer, Chartwell, our fully restored car was the overall winner.

In 2016 Porsche was celebrating '40 years at the front' through its National Restoration Competition. We decided to put our skills to the test once again and restored a classic Porsche 968 Club Sport.

The 1993 968 Club Sport had covered some 87,000 miles in its 22 years and Porsche Centre Leicester wanted to return the car to its former glory and preserve it for the next generation of Porsche enjoyment.

Engine and Body

Latest update

2016 saw Porsche Centre Leicester participate in the Porsche Club's Restoration challenge, restoring a 968 Club Sport acquired in a state of disrepair.

The suspension was meticulously worked on using the very latest restoration and painting techniques in order to authentically refurbish it to its former glory. The only parts replaced on the steering and suspension were the rubber bushes and gaskets.

The body was fully stripped and all previous repairs were made good. The team at Chartwells have worked tirelessly for weeks to repair the the bodywork and interior. The developmemts started to come together and the car began to take shape early April 2016.

The engine and transmission were removed and painstakingly stripped, cleaned and re-built. Late March saw the engine reassembled and fit back in the car and all of the seals and gaskets were replaced. Thankfully the cylinder bores, crankshaft and bearings were in great condition due to the superior level of engineering when originally manufactured, so these were power cleaned and reinstalled.

Following completion, the car was exhibited on site in the Porsche Centre Leicester showroom for a number of months, as much interest had been generated around the project. In addition, the car was displayed at various regional events such as Silverstone and Donington Classic.

Follow our 2018 journey  which offers a slightly different take on the restoration project, with an additional racing element as well.